About us

We are a company that cares about the health and wellbeing of the body.
People have been using the earth, plant and herbs of this planet for centuries, however as we have developed and gained more knowledge on the use of chemicals to create cures, help combat illnesses and diseases, through time we have forgotten the greatness of mother nature’s greatest gift to us, Nature itself.
Our aim is to help revive the use of herbal remedies and show people that some of the best ways to help your system heal and become strong is to use the gifts that Mother nature has provided for us. Bush Doctor was founded by a man who had a strong love for nature, and has shared his views of Earth and its new technology, he has challenged the use of Chemicals and Drugs, comparing it with Nature, and eventually coming down to the conclusion that not only has nature done the same things as some of these chemical Drugs, but they have also aided the body, in becoming stronger and healthier. The health benefits are endless, people can never have too much of nature, unlike chemicals, it can’t harm or damage your body in unthinkable ways.
Following in the steps of great herbal doctors like Dr.Sebi and other great healers we as a corporation want to help the World, we intend to give everyone on this earth, their best quality of life, the target is to bring back herbal remedies.
Thank you